Jun 252012

Game Engine Programming was a master course I followed at the University Utrecht. It taught me how to code in C++ and program a game engine from basic architecture (game loop, design patterns) to code and network optimization. For the course we had make two assignments I wish to display here.

Dungeon Crawler

For the first assignment Daan Niphuis and me teamed up to implement a simple game engine to make a 2D dungeon crawler game. The requirements included the ability to load map files, two player support, a locked gate that leads to the next level and rooms where the gate key randomly spawns. We made a short video of the result. If you want to read the command line, then please turn up the quality to 720p.

[sc:youtube id=”_6yJ8r8ZARI”]

For the second assignment Jessica Siewert joined our team, and we had to implement a more advanced game engine using Ogre3D. We decided to create a 3D ballgame where the goal is to bump the enemy off the platform, with several powerups scattered around the play field for more interesting play. The implementation of the physics engine Bullit was a challenge (the course Game Physics was only given in the next semester) but we pulled it off. We also made a short video of this game.

[sc:youtube id=”he5mH-_Bgnc”]