I’m Robin ‘Jrubzjeknf / Nova^’ van Olst, a 35 year old programmer with a passion for games. I’m experienced in various programming languages, including C++, C#, Java, PHP and Unrealscript.

I gained my experience mostly through educational and personal projects. I’ve been active in the UT2004 community for years, working on smaller personal projects (some posted on this website) as well as larger teamed projects such as the Jailbreak mod for UT2004.

I’ve studyied Computer Science at the University Utrecht, where I reveiced my bachelor’s degree in July 2010 and my master’s degree in Game and Media Technology in September 2012. I combined writing my master thesis with an internship at Avanade, which provided me with my first experience with the IT-business.

In December 2012, I landed a job at Performation, where I’m currently still employed. The company focuses on BI for health care, and my initial experience is that it is a satisfying job.

If you wish, I can be contacted at me@robinvanolst.com or via my LinkedIn profile – feel free to add me to your network by the way.