Jun 252012

Advanced war technology has made it possible to harness the devastating power of the orbital Ion Cannon into the Portable Ion Cannon. This weapon can, unlike its predecessor, be used indoors to vaporize your enemies.

This weapon is inspired by Mr. Evil’s Personal Ion Cannon for UT2003. It was however incompatible with UT2004, which uses different code for the Ion Cannon.

I programmed this weapon so that the Ion Cannon can be used indoors, and I must say that the result provides a very gratifying experience.


This weapon was created for the purpose of using it in specific maps. Instead of using a seperate file, the weapon is included in the map’s file for the sake of convenience.

The following maps contain the Portable Ion Cannon:

For mappers

If you wish to use the Portable Ion Cannon in your map, please download one of the above maps and open it in the Unreal Editor. This will load the weapon in myLevel. Then, open your own map and use the weapon in your map, and the weapon will be included in your map’s myLevel.