Dec 052012

This mutator adds the Fake Flag Combo to the arsenal of combos usable for UT2004 players, in (V)CTF settings. Inspired by a suggestion of head-shot, the combo will show mimic the appearance of a flag carrier in order to confuse the enemy team.

How to use

Load this mutator. In order to activate the combo, perform the combination BBFF (back, back, forward, forward). It is the same combination as the necro combo for TAM, chosen since it doesn’t overlap with this one and both combos are support combos in their respective gametypes.

Note that, due to the nature of this combo, a few special rules apply. Interacting with the real flag stops the fake flag combo from working. Therefore, the combo won’t be activated if you’re already carrying the real flag, and picking the real flag up will stop the fake flag combo. In the latter case, the remainder of your adrenaline is saved. The combo will also not work with vehicles, similar to all other combos.