Jun 252012

This mutator allows any player to start a serverside demo, something that only reserved for server admins. By simply issuing a command, the serverside demo recording is started.

How to use

To start a demo, type: mutate demorec. You will be notified with a message if the demo starts.

Info for server admins
  • Demo’s started using this mutator get a special entry in the server log.
  • A started demo cannot be stopped using this mutator, to prevent abuse.

How to install
To install this mutator on your server, extract the zip file into its UT2004 directory. You do not have to add the mutator to ServerPackages, nor have this mutator’s uz2-file on your redirect server.

If you wish, you can change the demo’s file name mask in ServerDemorecAccessor.ini. It follows the same format of DemoRecording.DemoMask. If no mask is specified, it defaults to DemoRecording.DemoMask (found in User.ini).